Willow Tree Shop

I know, I haven't posted for ages. But I really do have an excuse. I've been sewing my fingers to the bone getting ready to fill my space at a local shop. And, now that I'm officially in and my space is set up and ready to go, consider this the official announcement!

You can now buy most Primrose Design products at the Willow Tree Shop, 14001 Church Hill Road, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. It's actually about 4 miles outside of town in an area called Newton-Ransom, and the shop is in an old church that the owners renovated, so it's got tons of cool details. Think stained glass windows and Victorian light fixtures, both of which you can see in the photo that follows.

Harry Potter-like, aren't they? Any minute the owls will swoop in to deliver the mail.

My space is in the back corner in an area they call "the bedroom" and there is a bed piled with some of my pillows.

The rest of my things are displayed in a pretty vintage painted hutch. That's for sale, too, but please don't buy it or my things will be on the floor :)

After my training is complete, I'll be volunteering in the store on Thursday afternoons so stop by and say hello. They're also planning an open house/welcome event some time in May—I'll let you know the details when that's official. There will be cookies!

Yes, Willow Tree has two locations—you might be more familiar with the original store on Scranton's west side (1107 Oram Street, near Cathedral Cemetery). If things go well, I'd eventually like to be in both shops. If you happen to be in Scranton on Saturday April 14, stop by from 10 am-4:30 pm for their 7th Anniversary celebration. Everything in the shop is 15% off and, if you get there early enough to be one of the first 40 customers to spend $25 or more, you'll receive a special gift!


Quilt Fabric Pizazz said...

Your things look great, but take my advice, don't volunteer for a buisness. That doesn't make any reasonable sense at all. Hopefully your items are not on consignment - after they get handled etc no one will buy them and you will be stuck with them. The shop should buy them from you.

I have been through the stages of this kind of thing. Basically no one values work they do not have to pay for.

The display is lovely. Good Luck and I hope they sell well there.

Fellow crafter.

Janice said...

I would love to visit this shop but I'm in Oregon...2800 miles away. Your work is so beautiful. I've learned a lot from your stitch tutorials. Thanks!

janet said...

Glad you find the stitch tutorials helpful, Janice. Yes, Oregon is pretty far to travel just to shop, but that's what makes the internet so wonderful—you can find so many pretty things without having to leave the house!

And to answer your comment, Quilt Fabric Pizazz, I can't really discuss the details of my arrangement with this shop except to say that it is not consignment. But I don't really have a problem with consignment. Yes, I've heard the horror stories but if you know the shop owner and choose carefully where you sell, I think it can work. If it wasn't for consignment, I would have been out of business years ago—LOL.

Ms. Moffatt said...

Oh Janet your items look so pretty in the shop. Have fun volunteering. The internet is fantastic, but It's good to get out and meet your customers.
By the way I use my purple tissue holder everyday, and on lookers always comment on how lovely it is.

Quilt Fabric Pizazz said...

Hi How are sales going in the shop? The street market looks like fun - fingers crossed for good weather.